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Ebola Clarity. Reassurance.

Free Ebola video education app for healthcare providers, educators, and patients.

Integrated.  Personal.

Use EHR and HIE data to create a truly unique, very personal patient education experience for your patients.

Mobile First

Mobile First

WelVU provides iPad and iPhone based platforms that combine medical illustrations, custom images, and verbal conversation to create patient-specific health information videos that are portable, shareable, and personalized, addressing Stage 2 Meaningful Use, Readmission Reduction, Quality Scores, and Health Outcomes.

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WelVU’s web-based patient engagement application makes it incredibly easy to add to your existing infrastructure. Visual patient education tools are readily accessible in the exam room or hospital from: Desktop PCs, Tablet PCs, Laptops, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.

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Leverage patients’ own medical information to create highly personalized educational videos, unique to each patient situation including:  Diagnostic Reference Images, Stored Reports & Documents, Discrete Vital Sign Data, and Scheduling & Demographic Data.

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We Enable!

We enable healthcare providers to create informed, engaged patients through an advanced patient education & engagement platform.

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We Help!

We help organizations achieve important goals like:

Patient Compliance

Health Literacy

Meaningful Use

Readmission Reduction

Health Outcomes

Patient Satisfaction

We Give!

Through our WelVU Foundation, we give to international and developing countries who can achieve greater health and happiness with the right technology & mHealth solutions in place.

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