Leadership Team

Mark Friess WELVU Founder

Mark Friess – Founder

Mark is the CEO and Founder of WelVU and an experienced and passionate executive leader in the healthcare market. He is a driven innovator who has championed groundbreaking products that empower individual patients to make better decisions regarding their health. His dedication to increasing patient engagement and health literacy has developed through the years, beginning early on when he was still studying medicine. At that time, Mark noticed that many patients were confused and unable to get the personal information they needed to fully understand and make informed decisions about their personal treatment, while providers expressed a lack of necessary tools to educate effectively. That gap in the marketplace led Mark to co-found wired.MD, a market leading patient engagement company that was acquired in 2008.

But it was a personal, family experience that really shaped Mark’s passion and vision that created WelVU. Mark’s aunt is a breast cancer survivor. After her initial diagnosis, she had, as anyone would, a number of questions, concerns, and fears that were not sufficiently answered by the healthcare system.

Luckily, Mark was studying genetics and worked in a cancer research lab at the time. Thanks to that experience and knowledge, he was able to share information about cancer and cancer care that helped his family cope with this new diagnosis and empower future decisions.

It was this straightforward idea of empowering individuals by increasing information access that drove Mark to start WelVU, an innovative company that delivers personalized patient health education videos delivered from a trusted source: their healthcare provider. Mark firmly believes that creating highly effective, personalized video content, which can translate health data into easily understood and actionable information. This empowers patients to take control of their healthcare decisions, increase treatment compliance, lower costs, and ultimately improve outcomes, leading to patients that are healthier, wealthier, and happier.

As the founder and CEO of WelVU, Mark is an ardent supporter of WelVU’s mission and truly believes that increased health information access can create profound and lasting changes in people’s lives and well being.

Terry Douglas WelVU

Terry Douglas – Strategy & Business Development

Terry is an innovative healthcare professional with extensive leadership experience in business development, brand & product marketing, sales enablement, and product management. His passion for using technology to shape better healthcare experiences began over 17 years ago, but recent personal health events have ignited a desire in him to help patients gain a greater understanding of their health and treatment.  Terry found the perfect alignment of his passions and purpose at WelVU and leads the business development, marketing and strategy efforts for the team.

After years of building and selling electronic medical records, practice management, and HIE solutions, Terry has turned his attention to helping healthcare providers show patients important details about their health and better tell them how prevent, treat, and prepare for health events. He has seen first hand how surgeons and primary care providers effectively and ineffectively use visual illustrations to describe complex procedures.  Ironically, the most impactful discussions have centered around anatomical illustrations on the back of business cards, pre-printed brochures, or free hand sketches on exam room table paper.

 What Terry sees in WelVU is a way to wrap technology around these conversations.  Instead of making the education a single event, why not capture the conversation – what was said, what was shown – in a way patients and providers can reference after a visit and share with others?  That’s just part of the power of the WelVU platform.

Kathleen Sego – Finance

Kathleen is a financial manager with over 30 years of investment banking, treasury, corporate finance, and CFO experience with companies ranging from early stage to Fortune 500. Kathleen has raised over $1 billion of equity during her tenure – $125 million in change of control transactions, $10 million of angel funding, and $900 million in domestic and international structured financings.

Kathleen’s industry experience encompasses the high tech industry (software and hardware), utility industry, health care, and banking. Kathleen is known as a problem solver in start-up, turnaround and workout situations using her strong marketing, technical, transaction and team oriented skills. Kathleen passed her Series 7, 24 and 63 securities license exams.